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Effective anxiety treatment for anxiety symptoms can be hard to find. Traditional anxiety treatment (such as anti-depressants) only suppresses anxiety symptoms and doesn’t address the underlying cause of the anxiety disorder. Thus if you want an effective anxiety treatment which will address both anxiety symptoms AND the underlying cause of your anxiety disorder - you need to work with a specialist.


Anxiety Treatment - Understanding The Basics

Let’s consider an analogy:

Let’s imagine Sue works in an office and one morning when she arrives for work she notices the light above her work station is flickering. She has a busy day ahead and immediately sets about her work. However, after an hour of working under the flickering light Sue notices she has developed a headache. Her head begins to pound and throb eventually driving her to take some aspirin.

About twenty minutes go by and Sue notices her headache has started to subside. She continues to work on through the morning happy that her headache seems to have passed. However, two hours later the headache begins to return. Sue once again starts to struggle to concentrate as her head pounds and throbs once more.

Eventually Sue can endure it no longer and decides she must take more aspirin. As before, within half an hour Sue notices her headache starts to subside and she again gets back to work...

In the above analogy Sue was plagued by headaches. The headaches ‘hurt’ so Sue perceived them to be a problem. Sue’s solution to her perceived problem was to take aspirin which although seemed to work temporarily - they were NOT a genuine solution. The reason aspirin were not a genuine solution was because headaches were not the real problem. The real problem was the flickering light and it was this which caused Sue to have headaches in the first place. Thus the headaches were merely a symptom of the real problem (the flickering light).

Sue’s action was to address the symptoms (headaches) whilst ignoring the real problem (flickering light). The effect was even though the aspirin temporarily suppressed the symptoms (headaches), so long as the flickering light remained active - the symptoms would recur over and over.

This is the way medication and traditional therapy approaches anxiety disorders. Hence, although a sufferer may feel temporary respite from the symptoms of anxiety (due to suppressive drugs or therapy) - over the long term the anxiety inevitably returns and worsens. Perhaps you should ask yourself why so few people seem to be genuinely cured of anxiety and so many spend the rest of their lives on medication...

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Why is our anxiety treatment so effective?

anxiety treatments

What makes our anxiety treatment so effective is that we take the approach of immediately changing the light bulb. We don’t mess about trying to suppress symptoms, we immediately sort out the underlying problem. In terms of considering this approach with respect to our analogy - how do you think fixing the flickering light would affect Sue’s headaches? It’s obvious that in the absence of a flickering light, Sue’s headaches would go away on their own (or not have occurred in the first place) and she’d have no need of aspirin.

In the real world, people that have accepted our anxiety treatment not only no longer need anti-depressant medication - they also quickly return to having a fully functioning and healthy mind. The knock on effect of directly addressing the underlying problem means the anxiety symptoms dissipate on their own.

What more could you ask for?

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How does our anxiety treatment work?

We run an established Clinic specialising in anxiety disorders and other psychological problems. We’ve worked face to face with clients at our Clinic for over fifteen years, however as time passed and technology became more accessible we’re now able to work with clients from all over the country.

If you would prefer to work with us face to face and can attend our Clinic in Staffordshire - we’d be delighted. However, for many people distance potentially prevents them from using our 'in person’ services. With this in mind we offer private online Consultations with the very same Specialists that you’d see in person at our Clinic.

The news gets even better - due to the low overheads of using Video and Telephone Consultations via the internet, we’re able to keep our Consultancy fees very, very reasonable.

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How long does anxiety treatment take?

Everyone is an individual and we insist on structuring treatment specifically for who your are and your personal circumstances. This obviously involves a great number of variables from person to person. However, on average you can expect significant progress within six hours of one to one Consultancy.

Online Consultancy appointments (Skype Video or Telephone) last for one hour, whereas our ‘in person’ appointments at our Clinic last for 90-minutes.

Appointments are usually spread over several weeks and are always booked to work at a pace comfortable for you and your personal situation.

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How much does anxiety treatment cost?

help with anxiety

As already mentioned, because of low online overheads our fees for Skype Video and Telephone Consultations are very reasonable.

1-Hour Skype Video or Telephone Consultation - Just £69.00

If you’d prefer to work face to face and can travel to our Clinic in Staffordshire, our Consultation fees are:

90-Minute Face to Face Consultation - £95.00

Fees are charged on a pay as you go basis.


Who decides when the anxiety treatment is complete?

You do. Although your Consultant will offer their professional advice and guidance - it is you who ultimately decides when you’ve recovered to your satisfaction.

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How about a guarantee?

Is there an anxiety treatment guarantee?

Yes there is. We understand you may have a healthy level of skepticism and if we were in your shoes we’d probably be no different. We, like you see all the miracle cure CD’s and downloadable reports making outrageous claims all over the internet. We appreciate how tough it is when you’re looking for genuine help - but what we suggest is that people listen less to endless promises and focus more on how credible an organisation seems in terms of the information they provide.

To take the risk off our potential clients we make a sincere promise:

If at the end of your Initial Consultation, for any reason you're not happy to continue working with us - there will be no charge. You will only be required to pay for the session if you're happy to continue working with us.

You either get effective anxiety treatment or it doesn’t cost you a penny!


Does the anxiety treatment go on my medical history?

help with anxiety disorders

An increasing number of people worry about having references to mental illness, anxiety, depression and psychological disorders recorded on their medical histories. However, when you go to your GP and mention certain key words (such as anxiety or depression) your doctor is obliged to record that information in your medical history.

Employers (as well as certain agencies) may ask your consent to see your medical history and even though they’re not allowed to discriminate on medical grounds - it doesn’t mean they wont. The best way to ensure you protect yourself is to avoid having such entries registered in the first place.

In answer to the original question - No, your treatment will not appear on your medical history. We are obliged to keep confidential records of your treatment, but these are not passed on to your GP or any other third party unless you specifically request it. Unless you dictate otherwise your treatment is strictly between you and us.

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What to do now...

What do you have to lose other than your anxiety?

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